Specialists in Family Dispute Resolution


Family Dispute Resolution for property

Dispute Resolution for property and financial settlement, whether or not children are involved. This service includes completion of financial agreements.

 finalising documents

Assistance and support to clients experiencing separation and needing assistance navigating the way forward or negotiating with their former partner. This can include preparing a parenting proposal or getting ready for mediation or Family Court proceedings.

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Family Dispute Resolution for matters pertaining to children. This can include completion of parenting agreements, or Section 60i Certificates.

Accord Mediation Services, FDR in Hillarys, WA

Accord Mediation Services

mediation for parenting

Guidance* on understanding and completing the necessary Family Court documents should you wish to lodge your agreement at the Family Court of WA and have it made legally binding.

*We are not a legal service

Family Dispute Resolution for parenting

conflict coaching